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We have luxurious accommodations and access to additional programs and services, including mentoring, and we offer the oversight and protection necessary to keep residents on the path to sobriety. A halfway house – also referred to as a transitional or sober living home – is a group home for people who are trying to recover from substance abuse and addiction. These homes tend to be privately owned although there are also some that are owned by charitable organizations and businesses.

Our program is open to anyone in the country who is currently suffering from addiction and is conveniently located near a city that offers thousands of active AA meetings regularly. Sober living homes are primarily designed to provide a safe, drug-and-alcohol-free residence. Men and women, whether LGBTQIA or not, can join mutual support groups or live in coed sober living homes. However, many men and women benefit from living in gender-specific housing, attending gender-specific rehabilitation, and seeking gender-specific support groups.

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We believe this gender-specific and peer-based support network allows men to create meaningful relationships with others they can relate to and identify with. While many people choose to stay local when undergoing treatment, some people choose to undergo their treatment outside their local area. Halfway houses have a strict set of rules to help everyone maintain a sober lifestyle. Although there are rules to follow, residents are still expected to pay for their stay. Halfway homes are more affordable than addiction treatment centers and independent apartment units, but there are still expenses to consider. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, a sober living home may be the right solution.

mens sober houses near me

Maybe you are interested in certain amenities, or maybe you want to live near certain things, like shopping or the beach. While stays in sober living homes tend to last 90 days, in some situations they can last longer so it might be important for someone to live close to certain places for work or other reasons. Getting back on your feet after battling addiction is never easy, but there are resources available to help. If you are looking for a halfway house while you are in transition, we can help.

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While many people may find coed sober living homes beneficial, men and women may find the presence of the other gender distracting or threatening. The presence of other genders may trigger stressful memories, like instances of intimate partner abuse, or it may lead residents to struggle with societal stereotypes that can undermine therapy. Because more men than women enter treatment, there may be very few women residing in a coed sober living home, which can have a negative impact on both male and female residents. However, there will still be a couple of house rules that you have to abide by. For instance, the home might set curfews so that you are forced to be back at the facility at a particular hour.

  • Our men’s day programs include active participation in daily activities and meaningful recovery through the Twelve Steps.
  • Sober living homes in Los Angeles, CA often allow residents to work part-time or attend school while in residence.
  • At Living Now Recovery, we know how important it is to be able to make that next step once treatment has ended.
  • Peer grouping is built on powerful friendships that help to facilitate recovery and long-term, quality sobriety, and we find this support system extends far beyond the walls of our sober living houses.
  • The term “halfway house” sometimes refers to a place that accommodates people who have just been released from prison and are not yet able to live alone.

While the cost of sober living facilities tends to be higher, the level of care and attention patients receive at a halfway house is far below that of a sober living home. Some halfway houses are run by government agencies and can be crowded and offer little privacy, while sober living homes are structured more like a private residence, affording residents more privacy and comfort. Sober living houses are usually located in actual homes that provide housing for individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. They often provide access to additional sources for treatment options like individual therapy, group therapy, support groups, and holistic therapy. Within the home, residents learn to cohabitate with their roommates and often share in duties like housekeeping and cooking.

The following are the main aims of sober living for young addicts:

Sober Minds Recovery is here to bring structure, responsibility and peace of mind to men and the families of drug and alcohol addiction. Our sober living home comes with all common living necessities as well as paddleboards, mountain bikes, a home gym and much more to enjoy the outdoors in Jupiter, FL. Men’s sober living is much the same as other sober living facilities except that only men live on the premises. Men’s sober living facilities provide places for men to start learning how to cope with stress while still giving them a firm support system in case they break down. Sober living for men provides a place where men are only surrounded by other men so they don’t have to worry about the social stigmas that are often applied when a man breaks down or cries.

mens sober houses near me

But for those willing to put in the effort, we offer a path toward a better future for life after rehab. If you or someone you know is serious about recovery and ready to work towards a sober life, we would love to hear from you to see if Sunrise Sober Living is the best fit for you. Some people function better when alone, while for others being in a group is more effective.

Advantages of Gender-Specific Sober Living for Men

Men helping men is, therefore, one of the best ways to help each other create a stable, healthy life path of recovery. The collaborative experience allows for a connected journey that shows men that they are not alone. By enrolling in a men’s day program like the one at The Retreat’s men’s recovery facility, you’ll be able to strengthen your path to recovery.

They can include such things as AA or NA meetings and classes in life skill development. It offers residents a certain level of freedom, but that freedom is not absolute. They typically differ from halfway home to halfway home, but there are some common rules that apply no matter which transitional home you are in. Violence and theft are not allowed or tolerated, and in keeping with the general purpose of a halfway house / sober living facility, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

The Importance of Finding the Right Men’s Recovery Program

Recovering addicts may not have gained the skills they need to stay sober in the “real world” after they’ve checked out of a treatment program. Christian sober living homes provide a safe and supportive environment in which recovering addicts can adjust to living What Is A Sober Living House? the sober life and transition back into the community. A sober living home is a house or a group of homes that exist for the sole purpose of providing housing to those who have recently completed drug and alcohol treatment and require a place to stay.

  • Sober living is a term used for those who live in a sober living house or facility.
  • It can be helpful to live in a sober living home when you need strong accountability upon the beginning stages of your sobriety.
  • Our Men’s Sober Living homes focus on building supportive relationships that prepare residents for a future of fulfillment.
  • Established structured sober living provides a distraction-free environment without having to pass by the dealer’s house, endure toxic relationships, or be tempted to party.

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